保安员巡逻工作流程 - 常见问题

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        来源:http://www.thesisco.com  发布时间:2018-05-15
            In addition to maintaining order and managing vehicles, security guards also have an important task of patrolling. Here are the security guard patrols for you:
            1、内容 Content
            For certain areas, sites, targets, regular or irregular inspection, discovery and elimination of hidden dangers of insecurity, found suspicious personnel to inquire, if necessary, send to the customer units or public security organs. To stop the unlawful acts that are being carried out. The accident should be reported to the client unit or public security organ immediately, and measures should be taken to prevent the situation from expanding and protect the scene.
            2、方案 The scheme
            (1) in accordance with the security service contract, a patrol plan is established to identify patrols, patrol routes, control points and equipment needed. According to the actual situation of the client unit, determine the type and quantity of patrol area, lot and equipment needed. According to the terrain, ground objects, key parts and key targets of patrol area, the route of patrol control, key points of patrol and frequency of patrol are determined. To determine the disposal methods of all kinds of situations and formulate a plan for handling emergencies.
            (2) patrols need to be approved by customer units and security service companies.
            3、准备 Preparation
            The security personnel serving as patrols shall dress according to the regulations and carry protective appliances approved by the public security organs. The interphone is carried on the basis of the need. Night patrols should carry lighting appliances. There is a register of patrol duty.
            4、实施 Implementation
            Foot patrolling is the basic form of patrol duty for security personnel, mainly through patrolling, patrolling and circular patrolling. It should be implemented according to the specific conditions such as time, climate and terrain. More than two people take a word or one way on foot patrols; the distance between the patrols should maintain visual contact and support each other; at night patrols may agree to contact signals by means of clapping or flashlight. Security personnel found suspicious situations in patrol should be observed carefully and closely monitored. Take care of the situation, follow them, and control them in the line of sight. If necessary, inquiries should be made to suspicious persons and sent to client units or relevant departments in time for processing. When patrolling personnel, security personnel shall not affect the life and work of their employees or residents. In the night patrol, we should be vigilant and protect our own safety.
            5、情况处置 Situation disposal
            When an unlawful act is being committed, it should be quickly stopped and the wrongful person should be turned over to the client unit or public security organ. To prevent their murder or escape on the way. In case of fire, explosion and other accidents, we should immediately report to the police and take measures to prevent the situation from widening. We should actively assist in rescuing the injured and do well in protecting the site.





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