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        来源:http://www.thesisco.com  发布时间:2018-11-01
          Peter Drucker, a master of management, once asserted: "Tomorrow's business competition is not so much a technical challenge as a civilized one."现在,这一结论早已被很多实践所印证。以文明和理念为中心的“软实力”越来越遭到各行各业的重视与重视。文明一同而重要的效果日益凸显,文明建造已然成为各职业打造中心竞赛力的重要源泉和保证。
          Now, this conclusion has been confirmed by many practices. The "soft power" centered on civilization and ideas is attracting more and more attention from all walks of life. Civilization has become an important source and guarantee for the competitiveness of all professions.
          If a profession does not attach importance to civilized construction, it is tantamount to the lack of positive energy, then the decline of the profession is not far away. The security service industry must not fail to build a security culture.
          Security services belong to labor-intensive industries, and the risk is higher. Security guards have been in a high degree of severity for a long time, and the labor intensity and psychological pressure are greater. Working day after day, it is easy to develop mental illness and become the fuse of various safety accidents.
          The construction of a security civilization matching the security service industry can enrich the security guards'energetic life, effectively regulate and mobilize their enthusiasm and activity, and encourage them to devote themselves to their work in a better energetic state. Give full play to the effect of civilized education, so that security personnel continue to learn and accept new knowledge, new skills, so as to improve the overall quality of the security forces.
          Practice has proved that first-class enterprises rely on civilization. As a category of energy, civilization has a strong function of agglutination. Enterprises are an organic whole, the need to extract the same central values and concepts, the vast staff and workers together, forming a joint effort to carry out.
          When this central values and concepts internalized into the conscious behavior of workers, it will play a fetter effect, which is impossible to compare with the rules and regulations and other mandatory fetter mechanism.
          On the other hand, if the security service enterprises want to stand out in the increasingly fierce market competition, it is necessary to rely on the strength of civilized construction to create a characteristic security brand. However, the serious phenomenon of personnel loss in security service enterprises is closely related to the lack of a real "people-oriented" enterprise civilization.
          As far as the whole security profession is concerned, the construction of security civilization is of great significance in promoting integrity, transmitting positive energy to the society, building an outstanding environment and atmosphere for development, and establishing an outstanding image of security in China.
          Through nearly 30 years of development, the security service industry has made active contributions to promoting economic and social development, protecting social harmony and stability. However, the social status and image of the security service industry is not commensurate with its level of development, people's attention and understanding of the profession is not in place, it is urgent to establish a security civilization to adapt to it, change this phenomenon with the influence of civilization, and promote the development of the profession to a higher level.
          Generally speaking, advanced security civilization is an important support and power source for the vigorous development of security work, and is the foundation of prosperity.
          Needless to say, China's security services industry has made a lot of active and useful exploration and testing in the construction of civilization, such as investing a lot of manpower, material and financial resources to build various types of cultural and recreational equipment, holding various cultural and recreational activities, creating security publications and websites, and planning corporate logos, etc., and has achieved great results. The development of enterprises and careers has injected vitality. However, on the whole, the security civilization system with Chinese characteristics has not really been established, the construction of security civilization still has a long way to go, the need for continued support and guidance from the relevant parties, and further enrichment and improvement in practice.
          The stage extends as far as the heart goes. The Eighteenth National Congress of the Party proposed to promote the construction of a socialist civilization and power, and the whole country is striding forward toward the grand goal of building a socialist civilization and power. Vice Minister Huang Ming and Chairman Luo Feng gave important speeches at the 4th National Congress of the Security Association of China, pointing out a clear direction for the construction of security civilization.
          At present, we should strengthen the sense of responsibility, mission and urgency to promote the construction of security civilization, take courage to make innovations, strive to build a security civilization with Chinese characteristics, and create a new situation of civilization and industry.
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